Tips For A Pickup From An Airport

We all know traveling can be a stressful situation. With the hustle and bustle of thousands of busy travelers, airports naturally can be trickier when arranging for a pickup. Different airports have different rules regarding Transportation Network Companies (TNC) pickups, and we realize it could get confusing when all you want is a ride out of there. We compiled a few tips and tricks to make your GoGoGrandparent pickup experience a smooth process.


Find Your Pickup Zone

Each airport has a different designated "Rideshare Pickup" zone. Because all airports come in different shapes and sizes, pickup zones vary depending on which airport you get picked up at. By asking airport staff or calling one of our operators, finding the appropriate "Rideshare Pickup" zone can be made a breeze.

Call When You're Ready To Ride

Due to the nature of flights sometimes having delays, we recommend calling for an on-demand ride instead of scheduling a pickup from an airport ahead of time. It is best to get your bearings with the airport and locate the "Rideshare Pickup" before requesting a ride. One of our operators can help you find this pickup zone.

Help Your Driver Find You

When requesting a ride, give key details on where to locate you such as what terminal you are in front of or a unique piece of clothing you are wearing. This will help make the process smoother for both you and your driver.


To recap: ask airport staff or one of our operators for the "Rideshare Pickup" zone before your ride is requested. Once you are at the appropriate pickup zone, request your ride and a driver nearby will be assigned to you. Help your driver find you by giving identifying information to the operator.

Following these tips will help prevent driver cancellations. By being able to locate you quickly, drivers won't have to idle illegally in an already busy airport. Otherwise, if a driver is waiting too long they may need to cancel and charge a cancellation fee. To help keep this from happening, give us a call at 1 (855) 464-6872 and ask for assistance to find the appropriate pickup location before requesting your ride.

How To Use Your GoGo Dashboard

If you haven't heard, GoGoGrandparent has an online user dashboard. This dashboard will be useful for our callers and family members to view and change user information. Login in by clicking the link Use your email associated with your GoGo account and click "Forgot your password?" if you haven't set a password yet. Below we'll go over some of the features included in the dashboard.

How To Edit User Information

Having the most up-to-date information is key to having a smooth GoGo experience. If things change, you can update over the phone with our operators or online using the dashboard. This is how it will look if you want to update your information online.


How To Add Family Members

If you add a family member as a contact, we notify them via text messages with details of your ride. This includes driver information, a live ride map, and a confirmation when you arrive. This acts as an extra layer of security to ensure somebody you trust knows where you are at all times. Gold members can add up to four additional family members to a profile.


How To Schedule A Request Online

Once you log into your profile, scheduling a request is easy! A request for a Transportation Network Company driver to come to your address is just a few clicks away. Follow these steps and you'll get going in no time.


Don't Want To Order Online? Don't Fret

We still have the option of ordering through our phone number anytime. Reach us at (855) 464-6872. This is just another option for those interested. Our operators are happy to assist 24/7.

Additional Features Of The Dashboard:

  • update your credit card

  • view your request history

  • set up custom pick up requests purchase service credits

  • and more!

Help us build the future of GoGoGrandparent (and of senior care)

People are getting older faster than they ever have before. By 2033 the number of people over the age of 65 will overtake the number of people under the age of 18.

It’s difficult to stay independent as you get older. In the next ten years over 11 million adults will stop driving due to age related impairments. Over 8 million have no smartphone and no experience with new technology. Many of them will be forced to rely on a patchwork of friends, family, community members and caregivers to get around.

I experienced this reality first hand when my grandmother lost her ability to drive. She lives far from relatives and doesn’t have access to public transportation. She had always imagined she would stay in her home forever. She didn’t want to leave.

We believed we could use technology to help her find transportation. The first version of GoGoGrandparent let her easily request a Lyft or Uber ride by dialing a phone number. Using her old school flip phone, grandma ordered herself a ride to her favorite diner. It was the first time she was able to take herself out after dark in a year.

That was 2016 and since then we’ve realized that transportation for seniors is a lot more than just ‘dumbing down’ technology. Getting a ride has tons of moving parts that get harder to handle as people age. What makes GoGoGrandparent successful today is we combine requesting rides via multiple platforms with actively managing and monitoring those requested trips. Actively managing the complexity has been key to making our product work for seniors. Today about 40% of our clients are using us with smartphones because “it’s just easier”.

Because we’ve witnessed this fundamental ‘things-get-harder-as-you-age’ problem we firmly believe that GoGoGrandparent is positioned to solve more than just the transportation problems of today’s seniors. We believe we can meaningfully solve the caregiving problems all of us will eventually face and give people the choice to live in their homes for as long as they want.

At GoGoGrandparent we’re building the future of senior care for all of us, including you. We believe aging in place on our own terms is not only possible but can be affordable and available to anyone. We’re growing quickly nationwide and we’re looking to bring on the best talent who want to work on hard problems that directly impact everyone’s future wellbeing. Visit to see our open positions. If you think you’re ready to take up that challenge (or just have thoughts on what we’re doing) please share here or reach out to me at [email protected]

Tips For Easier GoGoGrandparent Usage — Saved Locations & More!

When a registered member of GoGoGrandparent calls in, they have the option of speaking to our operators or using the automated menu system to request rides. Many of our callers prefer talking to an operator, and we love helping you out! Below are some tips for those who want to jump straight to requesting a ride or want to know a little more about some GoGo features.

Call in for our 24/7 Operators, Automated Menu System, and Voice Activation

Call in for our 24/7 Operators, Automated Menu System, and Voice Activation

Saved Locations? Skip The Operator.

When you call our number 1 (855) 464–6872, you have the option of requesting rides at a touch of a button.

  • Push 1 to request a ride from your saved home address.

  • Push 2 to request a ride from your last known drop off location (this only works if you’ve been dropped off by us within the last three days).

  • Push 3, 4 or 5 to request a ride from the corresponding saved custom pickup location. You can save these locations with an operator.

  • Push 6 to get a ride request fast tracked through an operator.

  • Push 9 if you want to use the automated voice recognition system to order a ride by saying the address out loud.

  • Push 0 to speak with an operator for any non-ride request related questions or concerns.

Below is an example of a form that our operators will fill out to save your custom location — this can also be done through your online dashboard found at Most of the information will auto fill, so don’t worry about the longitude/latitude unless it is a complicated spot. Read more about how we use coordinates here.

This form can be found on your online dashboard or through an operator.

This form can be found on your online dashboard or through an operator.

By default, registered callers that press 1 will request a car to pick you up from your home. Pressing 2 will request a car to your last known pick up location. But what if you’re not at either?

You can wait on hold to speak to an operator, or if you get picked up from somewhere frequently, we can add that location to your menu! Once that happens, you can press the number saved to your location, either 3, 4, or 5.

An additional benefit of saving custom locations would be if you are at a place that has a complicated pickup location or if you have special instructions (if you’re at a large park or have groceries.) Rather than telling the operator every time, set up a custom location and add a note with it! We’ll tell the driver the same thing every time you order a ride from that location.

Once you are ready to save a custom location, follow these steps for easy ordering.

1) Identify a location that you frequent.

2) Call 1 (855) 464–6872 and tell one of our operators you want to save a custom location. The operator will ask you to name the location, and give you the option of custom location 3,4, or 5.

3) Once saved, all the necessary information to get picked up will be on your GoGo Profile. Let the operator know you want to get picked up from the saved location, or press the menu option when prompted to skip the operator.

GoGo is always looking to improve the ease of requesting rides. If you have a suggestion, question, or concern feel free to give us a call at 1( 855) 464–6872 and we will gladly take your feedback.

Request Rides, Change Profile Info On Online Dashboard

For our callers and your loved ones, try our new online dashboard! Order rides, see/edit profile information (addresses, billing, contact info), as well as request and schedule rides. Login here:

You will need your email connected to your GoGo profile. If your email is already connected, click “Forgot your password?” to get a new one.

To add your email, give our number a call (855) 464–6872 and one of our 24/7 operators can assist. ☎️

You still can order rides with a phone call, this is just an extra feature for those interested 😁

Transportation Made Easy, Saying No To Messy Public Transit

Mobility is a necessity people of all ages should have easy access to. The problem is not everybody has access to, or the ability to drive a car. Whether it be a trip to the grocery store, movie theater, or doctors appointment — getting around should be made easy. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center study, more than 40% of people aged 65 and over do not own a smartphone. This means ride share apps such as Lyft and Uber are inaccessible for that audience. People should not be limited on where they can go simply because they cannot drive a car or have a smartphone. Public transportation is an option but there are many issues and obstacles with it.

Transportation Issues

Aging In Place has been a term used by AARP to describe the support services being provided so that an individual can remain being independent as one gets older. Getting around becomes a problem when older individuals start having health complications, such as vision loss, that prevents them from driving. This problem presents itself to an aging population that has low to no access of public transportation, affecting a rapidly increasing amount of people. There are close to 50-million people that are 65 and older living in the United States; transportation issues need to be solved for those without a car or have poor access to alternative transport methods. Livestrong identified several issues that the elderly face today. The public transportation system is not catered to the elderly, most of whom cannot work with the schedule or make it to the stops in the first place. There are very few curb-to-curb services available that are not called Lyft or Uber when it comes to everyday transportation. Fortunately some senior facilities and programs provide rides to their patrons, but these alternatives are always restricted to certain areas and hours. Safety on current public transportation methods are also a concern — waiting at a bus stop late at night or being alone on a subway car isn’t always the most pleasant experience.

According to the earlier linked government census, the population of 65+ will be close to 100-million by 2060. Steps and improvements need to be taken to either fix public transportation nationwide or find other solutions. Some major metropolitan cities have taken steps to work on their public transit systems, but many smaller cities in the United States have no solution in sight.

Transportation Made Easy

One service that works to combat these issues is GoGoGrandparent. GoGoGrandparent is a service that utilizes Lyft and Uber, but without the need of owning a smartphone or navigating an app. By calling them on the phone, users would be able to order a ride after speaking to a live operator or using their automated menu system. No longer will the hassle of the dreaded public transportation system be needed. Checking the bus schedule is a thing of the past.


While safety is a concern some people may have, especially when strangers are in charge of picking up the elderly. The drivers used by GoGoGrandparent are Lyft and Uber drivers, who are all licensed and certified as Transportation Network Companies, that ensure safety is a number one priority. Recommended as a transportation option by the AARP, GoGoGrandparent has additional screening to verify the drivers requested are comfortable working with seniors that may need extra assistance; and that their cars are compatible with the seniors needs. 24/7 Operator support is available if questions or concerns arise throughout the ride. Family members can also choose to get real-time updates when a ride is placed, begins, and completed to have peace of mind that their loved ones are in good hands.

The freedom of mobility is back again with GoGoGrandparent. Being able to be mobile and travel freely opens new doors to allow an active lifestyle once again.