Frequently Asked Questions


What’s GoGoGrandparent?

That’s us! We order licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies on your behalf as your representative so that you can seamlessly access and use the low cost, fast and efficient transportation services that your grandkids are using, with a landline or flip phone.

What do I need?

Any phone that can call 1 (855) 464-6872. We highly recommend riders have a cell phone so you can always be reached.

What are licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies?

We access licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) on your behalf to get their independently contracted drivers to your front door. TNC's have created a network of contracted drivers to help people get rides. Tens of thousands of independently contracted drivers use their platforms to find passengers near them. Until now, if you didn't have a smartphone you couldn't access their services.

Why don't I just use licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies myself?

Using licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) require you as a consumer to maintain a data plan, have a smartphone and download and know how to use applications. Even after you invest in the plan (most are in the range of $60 per month) and the smartphone, drivers can cancel at anytime without notice, get lost, go to the wrong entrance of a location, have a poor personality, have a car that is too big, have a car that is too small, require you to enter an address into a GPS each step of your journey. As your agent we provide constant supervision. GoGoGrandparent acts as your representative to order and monitor rides on your behalf with your best interests in mind and according to your pre-defined requirements.

How do you act on my behalf once I ask you to order a ride?

Within 30 seconds of a trip being accepted by a licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) driver, GoGoGrandparent checks to see if the car assigned meets your previously specified requirements (for example, is too big or too small for someone with ambulatory ailments, is the driver comfortable with older adults, is the trunk large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or packages, etc.)

Once a driver meets your requirements, we will issue a series of communications to the driver through the driver's ride sharing app, including text messages and calls with the intention of passing on your expectations so they are comfortable working with you. If you've indicated you have visual impairments or ambulatory equipment, we will vet the driver and their car for those special scenarios. 

Once a TNC driver has accepted the ride, we monitor the trip on your behalf and intervene as your agent, when problems come up that would affect the ride (for example problems like if drivers get lost, if their GPS malfunctions, if drivers cancel and much more). Once a trip is in progress we set and whenever necessary change trip destinations on your behalf. Once the trip ends we send confirmation messages to all authorized family friends and follow up with the caller to insure the trip completed safely & successfully. 

We have developed this process meticulously after being designated the agent for tens of thousands of TNC passengers and are still tweaking it as we discover new ways to improve your experience.

Are walkers and wheelchairs okay?

Walkers and foldable wheelchairs are no problem, as long as you can transfer yourself into a car without assistance. We can check with drivers to insure they're comfortable meeting that request. Let any operator know and they’ll add the appropriate notation to your account. Whenever driver's are asked to lift something it's customary and appropriate to offer a tip.

Who are the drivers?

We work with licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) to ensure that you can get affordable rides within 15 minutes. GoGo operators communicate, screen and monitor rides to ensure every trip completes safely and successfully.

When should I speak with an operator?

Operators are available 24/7 to give quotes, schedule rides in advance and answer any questions that you have. Call and Press 0 to speak with an operator.

Is there a faster way to order a ride with an operator?

Yes. If all you need to do is order a ride to a location that isn't on your dial tone menu call us and Press 6. You will be fast tracked to an operator.

Can I cancel my ride?

To cancel a ride, call us and Press 9.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancel within 2 minutes of the ride being accepted to avoid a fee. These fees are charged by licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) and range from $5 - $10. We do not have control over them.

How can I avoid no-show fees?

A driver can cancel a ride and charge a no-show fee after waiting 5 minutes. The amount of the no-show fee is determined by the licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's), not us. They range from $5 - $10. We do not have control over them but we can help you avoid them by setting up custom pickup instructions for your common locations.

How much is GoGoGrandparent?

We charge a small concierge fee of $0.27/minute from the start of the ride plus the vendor’s fare. The concierge fee goes towards covering the cost of our 24/7 call center.

Licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) rates can change based on the zip code of the pick up address and when demand is high (this happens rarely and returns to normal in a few minutes). We quote you the fare every time you call. The driver will not know the total cost of the trip.

How do I pay?

You do not pay the driver. After the trip, we’ll place one charge on the card you have on file for two items: (1) our fee for calling and monitoring the TNC and (2) the ride fare - the amount that the TNC charged you for the ride. Then we call or email you with how much each of the charges were. There will only be one charge on your card for both items.

We set aside the amount we collect from you for the ride - the TNC's charge - and pay them on your behalf.  

What if I have a complaint about the service?

Complaints can fall into two groups.

(1)  If you have a complaint with the licensed and authorized Transportation Network Company (TNC), we will advocate on your behalf to present your case to the TNC and get either the full amount or portion of the fee refunded to you.  We will keep you informed of the progress and TNC's final decision.  This usually ends up to the benefit of the passenger.

(2) If you have a complaint with GoGo’s service for any reason, we have a very thorough and efficient complaint handling department.  We have a very small number of complaints, and in most all cases, resolve them to the satisfaction of our Clients and within 3 to 5 business days.

How am I protected in the case of an accident?

GoGo does not carry insurance that protects you during the ride. TNC's cover any personal injury you may suffer during the ride. As regulated transportation services, TNC's are required by law to carry the required insurance that protects riders from personal injuries. For this reason, you can look to the insurance carried by their drivers in case of accident.

Who do I give my destination to?

Usually the driver, but if their equipment is giving them trouble Press 0 to give it to an operator and we can send it to his equipment via our computer servers. 

How do I register?                        

Get ready for your first ride by registering for free at or by calling us toll-free at 1 (855) 464-6872 and Press 2.

How long will I have to wait for my ride?

Driver availability depends on your location, the time of day, and number of other rides being requested. In the majority of cases, your ride will arrive within 15 minutes -- so be ready to leave when you call!

Can I schedule a ride in advance?

Yes, but most folks call us 15 minutes before they need to leave.  We highly recommend you do the same because passenger's plans can change and we don't want the licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) to charge a no show fee. That being said to schedule a trip in advance Press 0 to speak with an operator.

Why are rides more expensive during peak demand?

licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) fares may change to encourage more drivers to come onto the road. This change is calculated automatically based on how many requests were made in a specific location in the prior two minutes.  Peak demand is recalculated rapidly, so usually by waiting just 5 - 10 minutes, it’ll go away.

Can someone else ride with me?

Yes! Up to four people can share one car at no extra charge.

Will the driver wait while I complete my appointment?

You may ask your driver to wait but you will be charged for the time. To keep your ride affordable it’s best to give us a call when you’re ready to return and Press 2 for a car to the last place you were dropped off. We’ll get a ride there in 15 minutes or less.

What type of vehicle will I ride in?

Typically, it will be a 4-door sedan unless you tell us in advance that you want a smaller car. While you are on the phone with us, either after you press a number, or talking to our operators, we will be able to tell you the vehicle type/color, license plate, and driver name that you should expect.

Are rides available in my area?

To check availability in your zip code, visit our website at or give us a call.

What are your hours of operation?

You can speak to an operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And how far can I go?

You can take a trip 100 miles in any direction.

What should I do if I have a question during my ride?

You can call an operator at any time. Just call our number and Press 0.

Do you pick up at airports?

Yes, but some airports specify a special “pick up location” where you will have to meet licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's). For most airports the operator will be able to help you find your location, but in all airports the driver will be able to tell you where to go. You can call your driver at any time by Pressing 3. You can also find the location by looking for signs that read "Ride Sharing Pickup Location" (or something similar). 

Can ride share drivers cancel a ride?

Yes, as independent contractors of Transportation Network Companies (TNC's), drivers have the freedom of choice to cancel for any reason, up until and including the time they pick you up, and usually that reason is undisclosed. Though we can not prevent this from happening, GoGoGrandparent works on your behalf to find you replacement drivers right away. If a driver cancels, we notified by the TNC's immediately and we will find a replacement driver on your behalf and call you with more information about the new driver that has accepted your ride request.

Can I be charged a fee when a ride share driver cancels a ride?

Yes, but only if your driver has been waiting for more than 5 minutes at the location you requested us to order a ride to.

Is GoGoGrandparent a transportation provider or licensed and authorized Transportation Network Company (TNC)?

As stated above, and to be clear, we are neither a transportation provider nor a TNC. We are your representative that orders rides from TNCs and monitors their services. 

GoGoGrandparent does not employ or contract directly with drivers nor do we own any of our own vehicles. We work with TNC's that are licensed by, and operate under the authority of state regulatory commissions such as the Public Utilities Commission in California and as such have to meet rigorous state criteria and standards in order to allow their drivers to pick up and drive passengers.

To use California as an example - with similar requirements in place in other states -  the state makes driver background checks mandatory, insures the rides up to $1,000,000, require the driver to have a modern vehicle, they don't allow anyone to drive who has a drunk driving conviction in the past 7 years, and more. By using only state regulated and authorized transportation carriers, we are dedicated to making ride sharing services accessible and usable by the entire population. 

Are you an emergency medical transportation service?

Lots of folks use our services to get to doctor’s appointments but we are no replacement for an ambulance in the event of an emergency.

Are you a non-emergency medical transportation service?

No. A lot of people use us to get around, but on demand transportation contractors are not trained to help people that require physical assistance and their cars can not be guaranteed to accommodate ambulatory equipment like motorized wheelchairs or scooters. Licensed and authorized Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) are curb to curb services and are not good solutions if you require a driver to help you enter or exit the vehicle.

Do I have to be a senior to use GoGoGrandparent?

No. The only age restriction is that we can not order rides for persons under 18 years of age.

These features aren't available publicly yet. 


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