The OG (original grandma)’s second usage of the service was to and from CoCo’s Diner in Torrance, CA.

The OG (original grandma)’s second usage of the service was to and from CoCo’s Diner in Torrance, CA.

Our story:

GoGoGrandparent wants to let folks live in their home for as long as possible. We started because a grandmother's license was expiring, she had glaucoma in both eyes and was facing a future where she would be dependent on others.

By using on demand technology in a way she could understand, we were able to change that.

What we do:

Today, GoGoGrandparent connects seniors to ride sharing services like Lyft. Soon we'll be doing the same thing for meals, groceries and medicine. We want to make a virtual caregiving platform that delays or even ends the need to hire a caregiving agency or move into a retirement community.

Our Hiring Process

Every single person that works here has someone they are building GoGo for. 
When we add someone to the team, it's because we think they will help our dad, aunt, neighbor or grandma have a better life.


Our list is small and easy to remember.

  • We love our callers so much it hurts.

For the first six months, our founders personally answered every support and registration call. They were woken up multiple times during the night, sometimes for five or six nights in a row. It hurt, but they had to. Not because GoGo needed the revenue (we weren’t even sure it would be a business back then). They did it because if they didn't do it, a person might not be able to do something that makes their life worth living - and that was unthinkable.

To reach us:

If you have a question about the service, or need support email [email protected]

If you have a question about a marketing, partnership, or enterprise account, email [email protected].

Send a postcard to


260 King St. 1219

San Francisco, CA 94107

Call 1 (855) 464-6872 and press zero, any minute of the year.

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