Safety is one of our highest priorities

Our rides are a realistic alternative to driving a car, but unsafe affordability is worthless. Because of this GoGoGrandparent uses Uber. Click here to learn more about how Uber keeps riders and driver's safe.

Driver preparation

Whenever a ride is ordered through our platform, GoGoGrandparent will let them know their next passenger is older and may need assistance getting into the car. We ask them to be mindful of our passengers and treat them with respect. If any driver is uncomfortable working with an older adult, we cancel the ride and find a new driver, usually within a few seconds.


Sometimes it takes a phone call. Riders can call their drivers at any time if they're having a tough time getting to their door. 

Custom directions

It's not as easy as putting in an address. If riders live in apartment complex, custom directions may be required to get the driver to the caller's driveway. If a rider has a walker, wheelchair or other medical requirement, we can send those requirements to the driver and set expectations that'll insure a smooth trip. 

Vendor Safety Statistics

GoGoGrandparent was originally made as a side project to help a grandma. The question of which ride sharing service to use was critically important. Any system that relies on contracted vendors inherently has risk, but the statistic that ultimately did it for us was this: of the 15 million rides that happened in the city of Chicago during 2014, there was a reported police incident almost every single day. During that same time Uber performed 147 millions rides, all over the world, and during ALL OF THOSE rides, there were less than 100 incidents reported to the press, not a small portion of which happened in other country's.