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GoGoGrandparent tailors services like Uber for older adults.

How it works 


Step 1. Call (855) 464-6872 from a cell phone or land line

Step 2. Select a service

                  PRESS 1 FOR A CAR TO YOUR HOME




Step 3. Tell the driver where you want to go


Details & Frequently Asked Questions


Does my Mom need a smartphone to use this service?

No, she can call from any type of phone. She can call from a flip phone, a home phone, a dumb phone, a brick phone and a xylophone (just kidding about the xylophone). She does not need a smartphone, but she can use one if she wants to.

Can my Mom use a smartphone with this service?

Yes! About 30% of our callers have smartphones and prefer using us because of the tailored 'senior' experience and 24/7 operators they can talk to. 

What if they don't have a cell phone?

No phone? No problem. They can call from any number and get connected to an operator. The operator can order them a ride 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We'll even save where they frequently get trips from, so that it gets easier over time.

Can you tell me when my Dad takes a trip?

Sure thing, we offer complimentary text notifications whenever your parent takes a trip. You'll see where they are getting picked up from, where they are going, who their driver is, the make and model of the car they're driving and you can call the driver. You'll follow along in real time!

Can you add other pick up locations apart from 'Press 1 for home' and 'Press 2 for last location'?

Glad you asked! Yes, over time we'll eventually learn where Mom or Dad likes to get picked up. Those locations will eventually begin to appear in the dial tone menu. For example "please press 3 for a pick up from 600 Castro St." You can also manually set these locations up after you register. 

This sounds great, but my parent's are gonna have sooooo many questions...

Yes, they will, and they're not alone. For almost a year now, we've served thousands of older adults from around the United States. We've gotten really good at it. One of the first things we learned was that they wanted something to hold, to read over and wrap their hands around. So every new caller gets a brochure in the mail within 7 days of them signing up. The brochure comes complete with a cut out business card they can put in their wallet to keep our number handy should they need us.

What are your hours of operation? And how far can they go in one trip?

You can speak to an operator 24 hours a day 7 days a year. You can take a trip 100 miles in any direction. 

Mom uses a walker and Dad's in a wheelchair...

We got your back. We manage communications with drivers & sift through folks that are comfortable giving an extra helping hand. By letting driver's self select for the jobs, we can find folks that really go the extra mile. Just let us know when you register that your parent may need a little help, we'll handle the rest.

Will this work to help my aging parent stop driving?

Yes, and now you can get them started with a gift card for the holidays.

Thousands of callers served, using us to get to the doctor's.

Give the gift of independence.

√ Ride in 200+ U.S. cities with our partners at Uber & Lyft

√ Usually 30-40% less expensive than a taxi

√ Each ride monitored by our trained staff

√ No smartphone or app required

√ Call when ride is needed (no pre-scheduling required)

√ Speak with a helpful operator anytime 24/7

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Note: If the cost of your trip exceeds the amount of GoGo Giftcard credit that you have available, we will charge the balance to this card. </b> You can change the card on file anytime by calling us.