Driver FAQ

Thank you so much for your interest in learning more about GoGoGrandparent, if you're a driver and have some questions, this FAQ is for you. 

NEW: We made a video! At the request of a driver, we turned parts of this FAQ into a video to answer any questions you might have.


Why are we doing this?

In the next ten years the number of seniors in the U.S. is doubling. This is going to dramatically change the way the service industry will work.

People in their 80's miss things like app notifications and text messages. This can lead to a lot of time being wasted because a passenger didn't catch that their ride is having trouble finding them or that their driver is outside. Based on experiences with my own grandmother we saw that on demand transportation requires that a friend or family monitor rides and coordinate with drivers to insure everything goes okay. This was started for my own grandmother who was starting to get uncomfortable driving at night. She told her friends and now we have quickly become a part of people’s lives. 


How does this affect me?

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen with people trying to order rides for their older loved ones is that they are so stressed out that they don’t think to ask the driver if they are comfortable helping an older adult. From what GoGoGrandparent has seen this is the biggest mistake you can make.

That’s why even when we request an UberASSIST we make sure the person that accepts the request knows they’ll be picking up someone that’s older and we ask to make sure that’s okay.

All GoGoGrandparent requests will say ‘GoGoGrandparent’. If you’re uncomfortable with the request text us the word ‘cancel’ and we’ll cancel on our end so you don’t get penalized. Once you do, we’ll know you’re uncomfortable from that point forward and if we ever match with you again we’ll cancel automatically so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Why do some of your rides have no destination?

When a request from GoGo has no destination set, your rider used our automated menu system for faster ordering from pre-saved locations. Below are “How-To” guides on how to change the destination address on your driver apps for both Lyft and Uber. Please note: it is not required for a destination to be input on the driver app -- you will get paid with the correct calculations whether an address is set in the GPS or not.

How To Edit Destination For Lyft Drivers (1).png
How To Edit Destination For Uber Drivers.png

Am I required to help with any of these tasks such as helping a rider in and out of the car?

No, you are not required nor expected to help a rider with such tasks. We understand that Lyft and Uber policies are for curb-to-curb services. We do inform you as the driver ahead of time if a passenger does have ambulatory equipment or any extra items that may need to come with them as a heads up in case you did not have room in your car. You may text us cancel anytime if you do not want to drive a GoGo user. We will cancel the ride so that it does not impact your request fulfillment rate with Lyft or Uber.  

What do you do for me and why can’t the passenger do it themselves?

We are the agent for customers that wouldn’t necessarily be able to get a Lyft or Uber themselves. On top of the additional ride requests being sent out, we help pickups go more smoothly than if somebody who was unfamiliar with the app were to use it on their own. 

As a driver, you probably understand that some addresses can be tricky with multiple potential pickup locations, we work with riders to pinpoint exactly where they want to be picked up and send that information to you.

We make sure passengers can get in your vehicle. We have notations on our users accounts, so for example, if a rider is unable to get into larger vehicles we won’t match them with large trucks.

How can I do this for free?

We get a lot of people asking us if they can volunteer to drive this population for free. If you're asking now, you are a treasure to the world. We don’t currently have anything set up for that but you can email [email protected] and you’ll be contacted as stuff develops.


Is there a liability risk by taking a GoGoGrandparent ride?

No more than the risk you bear taking a normal passenger because we do not work with passengers that require contact with the driver to help them get into a vehicle. These are third parties and you are covered for 3rd party liability insurance. You may be asked to assist with loading a walker or foldable wheelchair into the trunk of a car, but if that’s the case it will not come as a surprise. We’ll let you know and you can tell us to cancel immediately.


Can I get compensated for extra help?

We wish there was a mechanism for us to do this automatically, but all tips would be in the form of cash. Tipping is encouraged and expected, especially in the cases where passengers ask a driver to wait or lift something up. 

I don’t like that you’re making money off me.

We didn’t use to charge for this service. It wasn’t even supposed to be a business, I just made it for my grandma to use because she had grown uncomfortable driving at night and I suspected that if I told her to call me for rides she would be unwilling to call for anything except medical trips - and she is much too popular of a lady to only leave her house for just medical trips.

Once made, she mentioned it to her bridge club and pretty soon we had a hundred folks calling in. But, what started to happen was that stuff started to go really wrong for those folks. Drivers were wasting hours waiting on people that missed our call that their driver had arrived. Passengers were getting stuck on street corners because they didn't know a driver's GPS had taken them around the back.

To deal with this I started watching over the rides. It wasn’t a huge deal, I would just get notifications if a trip was taking longer than it should and jump in to see how I could help. But as word spread the notifications kept coming in. I stopped being able to go to movies, I stopped being able to go on dates. I learned how to eat really fast, use the restroom really fast. After being woken up three times a night for two weeks, we made a decision to see if our callers would pay us to hire someone to watch over their rides. So now we charge the absolute bare minimum to cover the cost of an operator, $.27/minute from the moment a trip starts to the moment it ends - we don’t charge for the time a driver is heading out to pick someone up.


I like it, but have some ideas on ways you can work with me better.

Email us! The only experience we’re going off of is my experience as a Postmate. And moving food is different than moving older people. So far we’ve been kinda guessing at what works and what doesn’t. For example, we used to tell people that we’ll give them five stars but then someone asked if that was a threat! We still give five stars but now we don’t say that anymore. If someone hadn't said something we would never have known that was a issue.


I don’t like it and don’t want to ever work with you.

Bless you and thank you for letting us know. Please email us at [email protected] and we will automatically cancel should you ever be assigned one of our client’s rides.


Why should I help?

You definitely shouldn’t if you don’t want to. It’s not a huge deal. However there are some benefits of this demographic: 

1) A lot of drivers tell us that our passengers are the nicest they’ve ever met. We of course can't promise that'll always be true, but many folks tell us they enjoy these rides.

2) Financially, our callers take trips during off peak hours. In some rural areas they’ve actually increased the business so much that drivers have caught on and are capitalizing on the new markets.

At the end of the day, don’t help if you don’t want to. Help if you want to. We can’t promise you won’t ever pick up an older adult because the number of older folks in the United States is doubling in the next decade and a lot of families do what we’re doing on their own. We can promise that if you get a GoGoGrandparent ride you know exactly what you’re getting into and that if you don’t like it you won’t do it.

We’re here to help you just as much as we are here to help families. We see this trend as something that is happening anyway and we want to make it better/easier for people to deal with. Let me know how we can be better and we will.