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Your agent for affordable rides.

Use Lyft or Uber without a smartphone.

24/7 operators watch rides and offer support.

Keep emergency contacts in the loop.


1 (855) 464 - 6872 or
1 (855) GOGO-USA

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GoGo turns on demand transportation companies like Lyft into services that can be accessed and monitored without a smartphone.


Step 1:

CALL 1 (855) 464-6872 and wait to hear: "Thanks for calling GoGo"

Step 2:

PRESS 1 to immediately request a Lyft or Uber to your home.

PRESS 2 to request a Lyft or Uber to where we dropped you off last.

PRESS 3, 4 or 5 to request a Lyft or Uber to a custom pick up location (once you're registered please give us a call to set these up).

PRESS 6 to request a Lyft or Uber with an operator.

PRESS 0 to speak with an operator about scheduling requests in advance or anything else.

Assigned TNC drivers usually arrive within 15 minutes and can take you up to 100 miles in any direction (or commuter trips like San Diego to LA).

Have questions? Call (855) 464-6872.

Demo How It Works!

Put in your phone number and hear how it works. This is just a demo, so feel free to play around.

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Custom Pick Ups

Add more locations to your touch tone menu


Scheduled Services

Set up automatic requests for fixed appointments


Voice Commands

Say 'home', 'operator' or 'last location'.




Keep emergency contacts in the loop

  • Stay informed with by-the-minute updates

  • Text an operator anytime with questions..

Convenient driver tracking

  • Don’t stay glued to a screen

  • Get a call when your driver is four minutes away

  • Get notified if better drivers are found

Check Pricing & Availability

We are available throughout the United States and Canada.

As your agent, GoGo requests and monitors rides on your behalf through ride sharing networks like Lyft.

Our Concierge Fee covers our costs from when we process a request, start monitoring a service on your behalf to when we stop. It pays for a 24/7 call center, computer server, engineering time and other costs associated with making GoGo available to consumers.

How much does GoGo cost?

Our concierge fee is only $0.27/minute!
(Note this does not include the Lyft and Uber ride fare)

Are we available near you?

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OR CALL 1 (855) 464-6872