Rides, groceries, meals & more: Built better for older adults and people with disabilities.

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Screened & monitored services from Uber, DoorDash, Instacart and more, with or without a smartphone, 24/7.

Millions of requests fulfilled for hundreds of thousands of people living independently at home. Available in all 50 states and Canada. 
An illustration of two older adults getting into a car

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The reliability and
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How We Work

Order rides for seniors, groceries, prescription medications, meals, home chores and more with a simple phone call to 1 (855) 464-6872.

Our GoGoGuardian technology dramatically improves the reliability and usability of partners like Uber, DoorDash, Instacart & others for people who want to live independently in their home for as long as possible.

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With a call to 1 (855) GOGO-USA, We Manage:

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We arrange reliable rides for seniors, 24/7. Speak to an operator or use our easy menu. Pickups can happen within 15 minutes, or you can schedule rides for seniors in advance.

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We can help you order groceries, vitamins, and household supplies without an app, delivered conveniently to your door. No more long lines or carrying heavy bags!

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Order the meals you crave from local restaurants. We can help you order gourmet meals, takeout, and food that meets your dietary needs and preferences.

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Our transportation services for seniors can help you get your prescription medication delivered from your local pharmacy right to your door. Call us for same-day delivery!

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Home Services

Get connected to helpful home services. You can request any service—like landscapers, or dog walkers—and we’ll help you find a trusted service provider.

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Services on Speed Dial!

Call +1 (855)-464-6872 and wait to hear: "Thanks for calling GoGo."

PRESS 1 to immediately request an Uber or Lyft to be sent to your home. No need to speak with an operator.
PRESS 2 to request an Uber or Lyft to be sent to where we dropped you off last.
PRESS 3, 4, or 5 to request an Uber or Lyft to a custom pickup location (once you're registered please give us a call to set these up.

to book on-demand rides to new places using voice commands.
PRESS 7 to request meals delivered from local restaurants near you, fulfilled by delivery services like DoorDash and more.
PRESS 8 to request groceries delivered from local supermarkets, fulfilled by services like Instacart, Walmart and more.
PRESS 0 to speak with an operator about medication management, scheduling requests in advance, home services or anything else.
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Expert Care with GOGOGUARDIAN:

How We're Different

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We Vet Drivers

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of thousands of drivers and saved each interaction. This means our transportation for seniors will match you with a driver that will meet your needs.
  • Our on-demand home rides for seniors match clients with drivers that have historically created positive trip experiences for other riders living with visual, ambulatory, cognitive and dexterity impairments.
  • We consider and coordinate all of this typically within 30 seconds of your request.
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We Monitor Requests, 24/7

  • Our transportation for seniors technology follows your driver and delivery from request, to pickup, to drop off, and we’ll call if we detect an issue.
  • We can broker communication between you and your uber for seniors driver, update you if they’re running behind, and be an emergency number if you need it.
  • We connect with grocery delivery services and restaurants on your behalf for specific preferences or dietary restrictions.
  • With GoGo, you have 24/7 support to ensure quality experiences--all with a personal touch!
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We Screen Cars

  • You might have a preference about what vehicles are easier for you to get in and out of. We make a note of that!
  • You may also need a vehicle with more trunk space to accommodate any ambulatory equipment, like canes or wheelchairs.
  • If a car is too large or too small, we will proactively re-request a vehicle until we find a car that will be comfortable for you.









on the Go

We make modern services like Uber for seniors accessible and consistent so that you can make the most of every day.

Hundreds of thousands of people trust in GoGo to postpone moving into retirement communities or hiring 24/7 caregiving teams.

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You can also call us at 1 (855) 464 - 6872 to check availability by region or state.


what our customers say

GoGo is very helpful for my father’s doctor appointments since I am out of state. I love getting the notifications when he is picked up and dropped off. It really puts my mind at ease. Thank you GoGo for such a fantastic and reliable service!

-Lauren, a family member

GoGoGrandparent gives me some degree of independence now, since I can no longer drive. I love this service.

-Judie, a GoGo customer

"My rides have been good experiences. I'm treated with courtesy, respect and excellent service by both drivers and office folks. I book on the telephone!  I never call anyone else--It's GoGo all the way for me!

-Jacqueline, a GoGo customer