Affordable senior transportation.

Use Lyft or Uber without a smartphone.

24/7 operators monitor rides & offer support.

Text alerts keep families in the loop.


Call 1 (855) 464 - 6872 or
1 (855) GOGO-USA

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Available in all 50 states and Canada!


GoGoGrandparent turns on demand transportation companies like Lyft into services that help families take better care of older adults.


Step 1:

CALL 1 (855) 464-6872 and wait to hear "thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent"

Step 2:

PRESS 1 for a car to your home

PRESS 2 for a car to where we dropped you off last

PRESS 3, 4 or 5 for a car to a custom pick up location  (once you're registered please give us a call to set these up)

PRESS 0 to speak with an operator


Have more questions? Give us a call or click here to be taken to our Frequently Asked Questions

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Custom Pick Ups

Add more locations to your touch tone menu


Scheduled Services

Set up automatic rides for fixed medical appointments


Voice Commands

Say 'home', 'operator' or 'last location'.




Stay informed, stay safe.

  • Stay informed with by-the-minute updates

  • Text a GoGoGrandchild anytime with questions..

These features coming soon!

  • Get a custom grocery list delivered

  • Set up their touch tone menu for meals

  • Have a caretaker check up on them in their home

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Are we available near you?

We're available throughout the United States and Canada.

GoGo monitors and customizes on demand services like Lyft for older audiences and their families. 

Our operator's arrangement and oversight fee is $0.19/minute from when we start monitoring a service to when we stop.



OR CALL 1 (855) 464-6872


“I love to drive and still do but my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I cannot see at night, and we all know that everything beautiful happens at night.

I know that I cannot go to the operas, symphony, ballet at night and I was feeling distressed up till now. With this service I can be transported to these events by the GoGoGrandparent. Long may you reign.”

- Eleanor Jones

“I'm sure that you're flooded with emails from happy customers. Add me to the list. In just a few days, you have changed my 92 year old Dad's life. He is zipping all over Pasadena without having to ask anyone. I get the texts about his trips and know just where he is.

You have given him a sense of control that he hasn't had for awhile. Such a brilliant idea!"


- Linda Liebel