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(If the customer is calling in from the doctors for example, you can put the doctor's phone number here and the system will use this number as the contact number)


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Report a Kudos Call to a team lead

AARP |10% off first 3 rides|

Always Best Care Senior Services of Upper BuxMont    NULL

Aspire Health Plan  |100% subsidy|

Beltone New England |100% subsidy|   NULL

Bender JCC of Greater Washington

Broadway Terrace |100% subsidy, must be op ordered|

Centers for Dialysis Care |100% subsidy|

Commonwealth Community Trust

Earle Street Baptist Church |100% subsidy|

Family First



Help & Care

Judson Retirement Community |100% subsidy|

Kehillat Israel |100% subsidy|

Lafayette Senior Transportation Program, City of Lafayette |$50 credit per month|

Legal Aid  |100% subsidy |

Little Friends Inc. |100% subsidy|

Mayerson JCC |75% subsidy|

Mercy Villa |covers first 10 miles| NULL

Mount Vernon at Home |100% subsidy|

Ocean View Dental Care

Palo Alto Jewish Community Center |100% subsidy|

Pasadena Village |100% subsidy|

Saint Barnabus Senior Services |100% subsidy:M-F 3pm-8amPST, all day Sat & Sun|

SOMA |$10 off first 4 rides a month|

Temple Beth-El |100% subsidy|

The Hill at Whitemarsh |100% subsidy|

The Sisters of Saint Dominic of Tacoma |100% subsidy| NULL

Tri-Town | $5 off first 4 rides a month|


Valley Beth Shalom |$5 off rides|

Wish of a Lifetime |100% subsidy|