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GoGoGrandparent - Live on purpose.

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Grandma's 1st Ride: Jan 4th, 2016
Funding: undisclosed
Employees: dozens
Users: tens of thousands
Requests: hundreds of thousands
# of Cities Our Users Ride In: 3,458

About GoGoGrandparent

What is GoGoGrandparent?

GoGoGrandparent let's people use Lyft and Uber without a smartphone. We combine 24/7 ‘Professional Grandchildren’ with technology to help people keep their mobility and independence. Our mission is to help people live with purpose. 

What inspired GoGoGrandparent? (Origin Story)

Betty Luce, our CEO’s grandma. It was literally her idea. David and Justin have worked together since 2015 and started a company prior to GoGoGrandparent. They decided it wasn’t living up to their ambitions so while David was maintaining it to pay the rent, Justin made a fake company and tricked his grandma into using GoGoGrandparent to validate the idea. Shortly after Grandma’s first ride, Betty broke her leg. Had it not been for GoGoGrandparent she would have had to move into a retirement community - leaving the community she’s been growing for six and a half decades. Her independence, and the independence given back to her family is something we believe the world needs. We want to help people live.

What problem are you trying to solve for?

We target what the caregiving industry calls the ‘Instrumental Activities of Daily Living’. They fall into two categories: Basic Activities and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living [1].

The Basic Activities of Daily Living are what we need to survive [2]. If a person is unable to perform any of these activities, they very likely need 24 hour care. They are:

  • Being able to use utensils to independently eat

  • Moving from one place to another while performing activities (being able to get out of bed)

  • Toileting

  • Dressing

  • Bathing

The Instrumental Activities of Daily Living are what we need to survive independently [2]. They are (in order of importance):

  • Mobility outside of the home

  • Preparing meals

  • Billing Management

  • Shopping

  • Medication Management

  • Housekeeping

  • Communicating with friends and family

If a person is unable to perform an Independent Activity of Daily Living, they or their family will very likely begin exploring ‘alternative options’ [3] - which usually includes the older loved one losing their independence.

Assisted Living Today states that "The repeated failure of a person in performing IADLs is usually a precursor to assisted living (at least in part) be it home care or the admission of the person to an assisted living and care facility." [2]  The lifetime probability of becoming disabled in at least two activities of daily living or of being cognitively impaired is 68% for people age 65 and older. [4]

The current 'solutions' are usually one of three things:

  1. Friends and family caregiving.

    “Mom, just move in with me!” 20% of all U.S. households deal with adult caregiving demands [5].It was estimated that the United States GDP was affected by over $450 billion in lost productivity because people were taking care of elder adults [6], about $18,000 per household affected per year. 32% of families who rapidly cohabit with each other after a crisis feel less healthy after the change [7]. This is becoming less and less of an option for the Baby Boomers, who had less children [8] that live farther away [9].
  2. Hiring a caregiver.

    The cost of a caregiver is at least $100/day, and much more for around the clock coverage [10]. Agencies require high hourly minimums because they don't get paid for the time a caregiver is traveling between clients.  
  3. An assisted living facility.

    Assisted living facilities were built to solve the problems of the caregiver model [11]. Share the cost of a caregiver between four adults who all live on the same floor and it’ll be cheaper for all the adults. Unfortunately this requires leaving your community of friends [9], and selling your home to pay for it. In California the cost can run you between $20,000 and $120,000 a year [12].

GoGoGrandparent helps people maintain their Independent Activities of Daily Living cheaply, efficiently and without burning out their network of loved ones. We’re doing this by tailoring the infrastructure of existing businesses to provide affordable services to older adults when they need it for as long as they need it (and not a moment longer).

What’s the story of GoGoGrandparent right now?

We're focusing on transportation because it’s the first IADL to go [13]. We began building in January of 2016, incorporated that May with funding in June.

We leverage the networks of demand transport companies like Lyft and tailor their services to the elderly.

For example within 30 seconds of a trip being accepted by a driver, GoGoGrandparent checks to see if their car is too big for someone with ambulatory ailments or if the driver has previously been unwilling to work with older adults.

Once a suitable match has been found we will issue a series of communications to the driver through their app, through text messages and by calling them to set their expectations and insure they are comfortable working with our caller. We have special scenarios for folks with visual impairments and ambulatory equipment.

Once a driver has been found, we watch the trip and intercept lost drivers, malfunctioning GPS's or driver's that for various reasons had to cancel.

Once a trip is in progress we handle setting and changing trip destinations for passengers that are planning a multi stop trip. We proactively reach out whenever we find a driver going off the expected route.

Once the trip completes we send confirmation messages to all authorized family and friends and follow up with the caller to insure the trip completed safely and successfully.

We have developed this process slowly after doing tens of thousands of rides and are still tweaking it as we discover new ways to improve the experience for our callers.

I say ‘callers’ because you don’t need an app to use GoGoGrandparent. Our users just call our number, press 1 and a car comes to their home. They press 2 to get picked up at their last location and 0 to speak with an operator. 71% of older adults over the age of 70 don’t have a smartphone [14].

We do not give out the exact number of how many dozens of Grandchildren we have, how many hundreds of thousands of rides we’ve done or how many tens of thousands of callers use us. But it’s been really good to see our service giving life back to folks and their families.

















  • Justin Boogaard, CEO/Co-founder
  • David Lung, CTO/Co-founder


  • Y Combinator, Winter Class of 2016

Customer Quotes

  (Click the quote above to go to the full article) Things GoGoGrandparent's Say

(Click the quote above to go to the full article) Things GoGoGrandparent's Say

God will bless you double for the service you are providing us.
— James Fort, 75
This service is just so wonderful, I love it that you can speak with a real person that really understands you. Thank you so much!
— Cynthia DiCola, 71
GoGo Grandparent has been life altering and life saving for my family! Again, thank you.
— Michela Silvia, family member of a 90 year old 
You never need an automobile, you just need Gogo!
— Howell Adams, 87
  The Grand Experiment behind the making of GoGoGrandparent

The Grand Experiment behind the making of GoGoGrandparent

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The Hustle & The Grind - blog post about the early days before Grandma's Idea

  GoGoGrandparent Is Helping Seniors Order Lyft & Uber Rides, and Drivers Love It

GoGoGrandparent Is Helping Seniors Order Lyft & Uber Rides, and Drivers Love It

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GoGoGrandparent now has Voice Commands

  Thing's GoGoGrandparent's Say

Thing's GoGoGrandparent's Say