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GoGoGrandparent allows anyone wanting a LyftUber, or a Taxi, to order themselves an on demand ride with a simple phone call.


Step 1:

CALL 1 (855) 464-6872 and wait to hear "thanks for calling GoGoGrandparent"

Step 2:

PRESS 1 for a car to your home

PRESS 2 for a car to where we dropped you off last

PRESS 3, 4 or 5 for a car to a custom pick up location  (once you're registered please give us a call to set these up)

PRESS 6 to order a ride with an operator

PRESS 0 to speak with an operator about anything else


Check Pricing & Availability

As your agent GoGo orders and monitors rides on your behalf through ride sharing networks like Lyft.

That means the total ride fare will be our concierge fee plus the ride share network's fare. Our Concierge Fee covers our operator's arrangement and oversight from when we start monitoring a service to when we stop.

GoGoGrandparent Concierge Fee


Are we available near you?

We're available in over 9,000 cities throughout the United States and Canada. Call (855) 464 -6872 to check availability near you.

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