Tips For A Pickup From An Airport

We all know traveling can be a stressful situation. With the hustle and bustle of thousands of busy travelers, airports naturally can be trickier when arranging for a pickup. Different airports have different rules regarding Transportation Network Companies (TNC) pickups, and we realize it could get confusing when all you want is a ride out of there. We compiled a few tips and tricks to make your GoGoGrandparent pickup experience a smooth process.


Find Your Pickup Zone

Each airport has a different designated "Rideshare Pickup" zone. Because all airports come in different shapes and sizes, pickup zones vary depending on which airport you get picked up at. By asking airport staff or calling one of our operators, finding the appropriate "Rideshare Pickup" zone can be made a breeze.

Call When You're Ready To Ride

Due to the nature of flights sometimes having delays, we recommend calling for an on-demand ride instead of scheduling a pickup from an airport ahead of time. It is best to get your bearings with the airport and locate the "Rideshare Pickup" before requesting a ride. One of our operators can help you find this pickup zone.

Help Your Driver Find You

When requesting a ride, give key details on where to locate you such as what terminal you are in front of or a unique piece of clothing you are wearing. This will help make the process smoother for both you and your driver.


To recap: ask airport staff or one of our operators for the "Rideshare Pickup" zone before your ride is requested. Once you are at the appropriate pickup zone, request your ride and a driver nearby will be assigned to you. Help your driver find you by giving identifying information to the operator.

Following these tips will help prevent driver cancellations. By being able to locate you quickly, drivers won't have to idle illegally in an already busy airport. Otherwise, if a driver is waiting too long they may need to cancel and charge a cancellation fee. To help keep this from happening, give us a call at 1 (855) 464-6872 and ask for assistance to find the appropriate pickup location before requesting your ride.