Tips For Easier GoGoGrandparent Usage — Saved Locations & More!

When a registered member of GoGoGrandparent calls in, they have the option of speaking to our operators or using the automated menu system to request rides. Many of our callers prefer talking to an operator, and we love helping you out! Below are some tips for those who want to jump straight to requesting a ride or want to know a little more about some GoGo features.

Call in for our 24/7 Operators, Automated Menu System, and Voice Activation

Call in for our 24/7 Operators, Automated Menu System, and Voice Activation

Saved Locations? Skip The Operator.

When you call our number 1 (855) 464–6872, you have the option of requesting rides at a touch of a button.

  • Push 1 to request a ride from your saved home address.

  • Push 2 to request a ride from your last known drop off location (this only works if you’ve been dropped off by us within the last three days).

  • Push 3, 4 or 5 to request a ride from the corresponding saved custom pickup location. You can save these locations with an operator.

  • Push 6 to get a ride request fast tracked through an operator.

  • Push 9 if you want to use the automated voice recognition system to order a ride by saying the address out loud.

  • Push 0 to speak with an operator for any non-ride request related questions or concerns.

Below is an example of a form that our operators will fill out to save your custom location — this can also be done through your online dashboard found at Most of the information will auto fill, so don’t worry about the longitude/latitude unless it is a complicated spot. Read more about how we use coordinates here.

This form can be found on your online dashboard or through an operator.

This form can be found on your online dashboard or through an operator.

By default, registered callers that press 1 will request a car to pick you up from your home. Pressing 2 will request a car to your last known pick up location. But what if you’re not at either?

You can wait on hold to speak to an operator, or if you get picked up from somewhere frequently, we can add that location to your menu! Once that happens, you can press the number saved to your location, either 3, 4, or 5.

An additional benefit of saving custom locations would be if you are at a place that has a complicated pickup location or if you have special instructions (if you’re at a large park or have groceries.) Rather than telling the operator every time, set up a custom location and add a note with it! We’ll tell the driver the same thing every time you order a ride from that location.

Once you are ready to save a custom location, follow these steps for easy ordering.

1) Identify a location that you frequent.

2) Call 1 (855) 464–6872 and tell one of our operators you want to save a custom location. The operator will ask you to name the location, and give you the option of custom location 3,4, or 5.

3) Once saved, all the necessary information to get picked up will be on your GoGo Profile. Let the operator know you want to get picked up from the saved location, or press the menu option when prompted to skip the operator.

GoGo is always looking to improve the ease of requesting rides. If you have a suggestion, question, or concern feel free to give us a call at 1( 855) 464–6872 and we will gladly take your feedback.